zum Tode von Norm Green

Do not go
where the path may lead you,
go in stead
where there is no path
and leave a trail.

(R. W. Emerson)

Thank you, Norm Green, for leaving a trail.

01. Januar | Unregistered CommenterI. Gade

Dear Norm,

Thank you very much for everything - my thoughts are still with you an Cathy.
Cooperative Learning will never die - and heaven must be a better place since you are there.


28. Februar | Unregistered CommenterZitro

Dear Norm,
thanks for all your ideas, my lessons have become much more colourful !!!
Karin from Hildesheim , Germany

24. November | Unregistered CommenterKarin

Liebe Kathy,
mit Trauer und Anteilnahme schreibe ich Dir diese Mail. Norm wird uns mit seiner unerschöflichen Energie und seinem köstlichen Humor immer in Erinnerung bleiben. Sein Tod ist ein großer Verlust für die pädagogische Kultur.
Keep going strong!

16. November | Unregistered CommenterUlrich Sternitzke

Liebe Kathy,

tief erschüttert haben wir erfahren, dass Norm im Oktober gestorben ist.

Noch oft denken wir an die tollen Veranstaltungen, die wir mit euch und Hagener Lehrerinnen und Lehrer erleben durften.

Wit trauern mit dir und deiner Familie und denken an dich in deiner schweren Zeit.

Die Koordinierungsstelle Knips in Hagen

12. November | Unregistered CommenterKinps Hagen

Dear Cathy,
we were very sorry to learn about Norm´s passing away in October. Very often we think about the enjoyable time we spent with you during your courses. Norm´s stories are still vividly in our minds.
We wish you a lot of strength to cope with your loss. We are sure you will get help of your family and friends. For us Norm is always present in our teaching.
With love
Jutta and Helga

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. (Bob Dylan)

We were lucky to work with Norm and Kathy several times. It always was a great experience to have them with us in Dortmund. Not a few of the participants had tears in their eyes when the two or three days of training were done because they were overwhelmed by Norm’s warm-hearted and philanthropically character.
We did not only loose a brilliant teacher but also an extraordinary man.

Dear Kathy and family we share in your mourning and pain.

Stadt Dortmund, Fachbereich Schule

04. November | Unregistered CommenterHelmuth

"Obwohl zum Innehalten die zeit nicht ist, wird einmal keine Zeit mehr sein, wenn man jetzt nicht innehält. Lebst du jetzt, wirklich? In diesem Augenblick, ganz und gar? Wann, wenn nicht jetzt?" (Christa Wolf: Nachdenken über Christa T.) Ich bin glücklich, dass ich Norm Grenn kennenlernen durfte. Martina Seifert, Duisburg

30. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterMartina Seifert

Death comes to all. But great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold. (George Fabricius)

Dear Kathy and family, we share in your morning, but behind the tears of sorrow lies the smile of memory.

28th October 2010
Our hearts are full of sorrow because of Norman's death.
Norm was a great man- in a deeper sense.
Everybody of us knows that and today we feel that we have lost an inspiring, open- minded, humane mentor.
We often talk about his ideas and will always be thankful and remember him as an outstanding teacher and personality.
Dear Kathy, we hope you and your family will be able to cope with the loss.
Our thoughts are with you.

All the teachers of Marie- Reinders- Realschule who have been inspired by Norm and Kathy

Norm, you make the change

27. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterReinhold

Liebe Kathy,
tief betroffen habe ich von dem Tode Norman's erfahren. Es tut mir sehr leid und ich denke viel an dich und deine Familie. Auf verschiedenen Fortbildungen in Dortmund durfte ich als Norman tollen Lehrer und Menschen erleben, der meinen Unterricht nachhaltig beeinflusst hat. Vielen Dank!
  Für die nächste Zeit wünsche ich dir und deiner Familie viel Kraft, Mut und Gottes Segen.

26. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterMartina

Mr Green

Voller Erfurcht schau ich auf ihr Lebenswerk, ihre Ideen und ihr Verständnis für die Lernenden
und Lehrenden.
Ein großer Mann geht, aber seine Ideen werden vielen helfen einer besseren Zukunft entgegenzusehen.
Ich verspreche Ihnen ein guter Lehrer zu werden!

Danke Mr. Green !

21. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterBenjamin Bisewski

But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
(from Shakespeare’s sonnet 18)

Dear Kathy,
with great grief did I learn about Norm's death and my thoughts are with you who will miss a dear husband and companion - just as we will miss him as a mentor.
His and your work meant such a great inspiration to me, encouraging me to make a difference, become the teacher that I have always wanted to be - yet far awy from perfection.
I'm convinced that the truth lies in those lines of Shakespeare and that one day we all can see the comfort that they offer.
Let me embrace you, Kathy, and thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

15. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterClaudia

Dear Kathy,

when I heard about Norms death, this news filled my heart with sorrow.
Norm, with his ideas, his abilities and his charismatic personality,
has influenced so many people over here! Encounters that touch the
soul leave marks that never go away.
I really hope you can take some comfort in these thoughts.

Love and hugs

14. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterMaria Kolsdorf

Dearest Kathy,
The day Norm passed away I was at a primary school in Duesseldorf. I had been invited by the head teacher to do a day of cooperative learning with her staff. Before she became head teacher she was a teacher in Mönchengladbach and one of the first to attend your academies here. It was on that Wednesday that she finally made her wish come true to introduce cooperatve learning to her collegues.
When I learned about your loss - and ours -from our daily newspaper on Thursday I thought back to the day before and to the enthusiasm the teachers worked with throughout the whole day and I wished that Norm could have seen the cooperative flowers blooming from the seeds he and you planted here in Mönchengladbach for almost a decade. I felt it appropriate and symbolic that on the day Norm left us I was teaching his message and quoting from what he told us during the academies, such as "In Mr. Green's class everyone works with everyone else."
Peter and I cherish the time we were allowed to spend with you and Norm, here in Mönchengladbach or there in Niagara and Münster.
God bless and take care - we are thinking of you, your children and grandchildren.
Monika and Peter

The times have changed and the trends moved on but
the spirit of youth I still carry on!
Thanx Norm

14. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterT.

Dear Kathy,

with deep sorrow and grief I am writing these lines - Norm is dead now, but he and his inspirations will go on living now in our hearts and also in the classrooms, inspired by his and Your work.
Indeed, our work together and friendship have been a fascinating journey, and we all lose a good companion on this journey with a great heart.
The only way to cope with this loss is to be thankful and to pray for him, who is now - as I firmly believe - in the reign of love.

Love and an embrace to You, Kathy,


14. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterDoris Hanfland

In deep mourning
we remember you, Norm,
a great man,
our wise mentor and beacon.
Although you're gone now
your flame will burn in us
as long as we breathe.
Thank you and Good Bye

14. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterSven-Olaf Miehe

It was this year in March, when we met Norm and Kathy in Stuttgart. We had a wonderful day of talking about how to develop school good for young people. We could laugh together and learn so much from Norms experience and his favorable view on learning. We feel so much inspired and thankful to Norm and Kathy. Norm is in our hearts and in our classrooms when we work together as a kooperative learning community. We are grateful that we could learn so much from Norm and we will care his liability. Our thoughts are with Kathy - we wish you all the energy you need to believe what cant´t be changed and to keep all the wonderful moments, days and years you shared.

13. Oktober | Unregistered CommenterGudrun D. Greth

With Norm,
A great man went on.
And we, his friends and comrades,
Left behind,
Mourn and weep,


12. Oktober | Registered CommenterPeter Blomert

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message
He Is Dead …

12. Oktober | Registered CommenterPeter Blomert

Endpiece (Rilke)

Death is great
and we are his
with laughing lips.
When we think we're in the middle of life
he dares to weep
in the middle of us.

12. Oktober | Registered CommenterPeter Blomert

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